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Elite Yoga has designed a framework of heated and non-heated yoga classes to help you achieve your personal wellness goals.  We offer all levels Vinyasa classes, Ashtanga, Yoga Basics, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Gentle Yoga flows, as well as 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and amazing Yoga Retreats! The heart behind each class is to create an experience designed to improve the quality of health - a marriage between mental, physical and emotional well-being. Each class will be viewed as a stepping-stone to a healthy lifestyle. We conveniently offer two locations; La Jolla and Carmel Valley Road.


Elite Yoga Seeks

  • 6/10/2014   

I have been a client at Women’s Elite Yoga in La Jolla since it opened and I am really impressed with all aspects of the studio. I have mainly taken the Yin Yoga classes with Olga and Tracey. This is a new practice for me and I feel I am being taught brilliantly from my novice status! The classes are always well structured, expertly lead and cover a good selection of poses. Both teachers are able to adjust to the requirements of the class and alternative poses are always offered if necessary. 
The decor of the studio and bathrooms is of such a high standard it has a spa like feel which just adds to the overall experience. Alex, the owner, is welcoming, knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and it really shows in how professionally the studio is run.

    Kate Ward

  • 6/2/2014 

  This place is UH-MAZING!!! I cannot say enough great things about WEY! From the ambiance, to the instructors and the entire staff-WEY is THE new place to feel gorgeous from the inside out as a woman. The balanced atmosphere is fresh, serene and impeccably clean. I have gone to many different studios but this experience was fantastic from the moment I walked through the front door to when I walked out to leave. The owner, Alex, is the most hospitable and gorgeous woman with so much expertise and an international background not to be messed with! Her credibility in dance and yoga is a solid foundation for this business. I felt so welcomed and the entire experience got me so connected to my body and I felt like the most beautiful and confident woman in the universe. I am so excited to do all the other classes they have to offer and am looking forward to becoming an unlimited monthly member. There are many choices in a yoga studio but for me, this is the first one that really embodies the yoga practice and realigns my body and soul. I wish there was another star option I could add, but this is definitely 5 STARS! See you there!

    Nicole K.

  • “Alex has a gift of inspiring women to be their best – she has helped me personally to create lasting healthy habits that I had a hard time achieving on my own. Alex is supportive, challenging, inspiring and fun all the time! Her yoga and workouts reflect these characteristics and help your intentions become your reality.”

    Sara Engel
  • 06/07/2016   If I can give 10 s, I would! I absolutely love this studio owned by Alex who is a delight in every way. I have been a member since January, frequenting 5-8 classes per week. This is a new thing for me because I used to take a few classes per month over the past few years at various studios, but not loving my practice like I have. I have grown so much because of the excellent instructors here. They all take time to make sure you're comfortable no matter what level, adjusting you so you benefit from your poses, give you options based on skill level, and offer the support for your growing practice.

    My first encounter & Instructor was Alex who is the owner & so adorable. I owe it to her for the passion I now have for yoga!  Thank you Alex!!! I've take Ashtanga with Melissa every Tuesday pm for over a month, she is amazing to watch & oh so great! This is the most challenging class, so be ready to sweat. Vinyasa flow with Charie & Danielle, the cutest ever.  But don't let them fool you with the cuteness, they will make you work! Arm balance & inversion class with Sabrina who is a ball of energy & graceful athlete, a workshop type class which is one of my faves! Vinyasa 2 with Mike & Alex, challenging, energetic, & fun!!!Gentle flow with Courtney, an excellent stretching class. Yin yoga which is a slower pace class mostly on stretching & staying in poses for longer to break up scar tissue. I can go on and on really. All their instructors are awesome & that is why I continue to come almost everyday, doing back to back classes or even returning later in the day to get my dose of sweat & chi.

    Thank you to the family at Elite yoga, yes they are my family whom I adore tremendously. They have made an impact like you can't ever imagine- in mind, body, & soul. I have lost the stubborn weight I've always wanted to, now encouraged to get the bikini body I've never had. I love Elite yoga!!!!

    Nelly Chu
  • 05/09/2016     I feel bad I haven't review this place yet and I'm there all the time! I found this studio through Groupon in December and have been going ever since! I absolutely love the environment there and every single teacher is so kind and welcoming. It's the perfect end of the night for me to finish off a stressful work day. They gave me my own mat to keep there since I have a monthly membership which is very convenient and I haven't had any other studio in the area do the same. I highly recommend this place!

    Amber White
  • 2/24/2015     I feel as humans, we are always searching for a sense of community where we feel comfortable and supported. We try different activities and places until we find the right fit. I have found a place where the people are genuine, kind, fun, and caring. The yoga instructors have all been very good and Alex the owner has created an atmosphere where you can get to know others in the class. On many occasions I have had people introduce themselves or ask me how I am doing. I am glad to have found such a great community and I recommend others to give it a try.

    In terms of the studio itself, you can tell a lot of thought has been put into the decor and layout. I like the hand sensor faucets and changing area. Everything is super clean and nice. I get easily grossed out by dirty facilities-- this place is always kept immaculately clean. The yoga area is the perfect size-- not too big or small.

    Anna Petrick
  • 12/16/2015    I have been going to Women's Elite Yoga for four months now after my former yoga studio shut down. I immediately liked the relaxing and intimate feeling of this place, as well as the great expertise and warmth of Alex the owner and her many teachers. I very quickly signed up to become a regular member and have been enjoying both vigorous Level 3 classes as well as the the more relaxing Wen classes ever since. Even my husband has started coming once a week, as he can feel positive changes in his mind and body after the class. I highly recommend this studio to both beginner and advanced yogis!

    Julia H.