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Mixed Vinyasa -Non-Heated

This class is taught by:

Katie Clemons

Originally from North Carolina, Katie’s yoga journey began twelve years ago when she starting practicing yoga with her Mom. Shortly after she moved to Los Angeles in 2012, Katie realized she would need to find a way to calm herself in a busy new city. She fell in love with yoga’s ability to steady both her mind and body, while also challenging her physical and mental strength. Eager to share her passion for yoga with others, Katie embarked on a journey to become a 200-hour certified yoga teacher on the gorgeous beaches of Costa Rica. Now, she takes pride in sharing her true calling with others and helping her students find a deeper sense of self and inner peace. You can expect to leave Katie’s classes feeling centered and peaceful with a renewed energy.

Charie Juaneza

Charie graduated from our EY Teacher Training in November 2015.
Charie is originally from Philippines. Prior to living in San Diego, she lived in Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh PA where she achieved her degree in Photography from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She specializes in portrait and newborn photography since 2010 and is loving every minute of it. She recently found her love for Yoga and is very excited to learn everything about it! It’s been an amazing outlet and tool for her to grow spiritually and physically.

Sophia Nolan

Sophia's introduction to yoga began 10 years ago. The combination of balance, strength, flexibility, mindfulness and patience that she experienced in the practice lead to the path of completing the 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training lead by Jano Galindo at the Chula Vista Yoga Center. Sophia's vinyasa classes offer a challenging but accessible alignment based flow that promotes harmony between the breath, the body and the mind; while her restorative yoga classes provide the opportunity to experience complete rest in order to reconnect & recharge.

Alex Arias

I am a native of Ecuador and moved to the U.S. when I was 18 years old. At the age of 16, I was a professional ballerina for the Ecuadorian Ballet Company for several years. After dancing, I became certified in Spin, Zumba, Step Aerobics and as a Personal Trainer.

My yoga journey began 6 years ago. I just had my 4th child, moved from Hong Kong to San Diego and weighed over 200 lbs. Because it was so hard on my body, I found it difficult to go back into high impact classes. Instead, I turned to yoga.

I tried many different studios and various styles, but I found that yoga was not always accessible to me. The classes were busy, there were no hands-on adjustments and there wasn’t any personal attention to my physical needs. But even through all of this, I could see how yoga was able to improve my overall wellbeing. Through yoga, not only was I able to find a healthy balance mentally, physically and spiritually, but I was able to achieve the best shape of my life.


After this transformation, friends began to ask me what I had been doing to find this overall balance in my life. From then on, I started teaching yoga in my garage as a way to give back this amazing practice I had found! When the classes in my garage started to fill up, I decided to become certified as a 200hr RYT in order to help others.

Before opening both studios, I spent several years as an experienced 200hr RYT, and became certified in Yin/Restorative, Tone Up (yoga with weights) and Bikram (hot yoga). Recently, I also obtained my 500hr RYT.

I founded Elite Yoga to create a community where yoga is accessible for all types of people. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or are just starting out, Elite Yoga offers you a space to find support, hands-on adjustments, no judgment and caring, compassionate instructors. Elite Yoga seeks to improve your health one class at a time. Elite Yoga’s boutique style studios are committed to offering daily yoga classes to better the physical health, emotional wellbeing, mental clarity and a joy of living in each and every one of our clients!

I have also been married to an amazing business owner for 27 years and have 4 wonderful children. My two oldest are in college at Point Loma Nazarene University, and my two younger children attend The Bishop’s School and The Gillispie School in La Jolla. We have lived in La Jolla for several years and love finding ways to give back to this community!

John Quirk

John is a lifelong athlete and yogi for the last decade who has been lucky enough to leave life as a television producer and Corporate America behind to pursue his true passion of helping others with their yoga practice and minfulness. John received his 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance through Atmananda in Union Square and has roots practicing Jivamukti, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and countless Vinyasaflows. John strives to teach the type of class he loves to take, a fun but challenging flow rooted in proper alignment and technique. He draws on all of his experiences as an athlete, television producer and student of yoga to enrich the lives of his students on and off the mat. His goal is to take the strength inside of you and help bring it out, providing students the tools to maximize their potential through self-realization and a disciplined but safe practice they can take anywhere and continue late into life. John’s greatest joy is teaching and inspiring students who in turn teach and inspire him.
This non-heated Vinyasa Flow class welcomes yogis of all levels. This class uses a variety of postures to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Vinyasa Flow encourages students to move into and out of postures safely. There is a strong emphasis on correct alignment using the breath and meditation to quiet the mind in order to attain peace and stillness. This class will take you through sun salutations, standing poses, balancing postures, seated and reclining postures, backbends and core strengthening.

Upcoming classes:

  • Tue Aug 14 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Katie Clemons
    at Elite Yoga - La Jolla
  • Wed Aug 15 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm with Charie Juaneza
    at Elite Yoga - La Jolla
  • Thu Aug 16 9:30 am - 10:30 am with Sophia Nolan
    at Elite Yoga - La Jolla
  • Fri Aug 17 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Alex Arias
    at Elite Yoga - La Jolla
  • Sat Aug 18 9:30 am - 10:30 am with Alex Arias
    at Elite Yoga - Carmel Valley
  • Sun Aug 19 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm with Katie Clemons
    at Elite Yoga - La Jolla
  • Mon Aug 20 9:30 am - 10:30 am with John Quirk
    at Elite Yoga - La Jolla