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Michelle Davis

Michelle graduated from our Elite Yoga Teacher Training in November 2015.
Michelle leads an active lifestyle and is always seeking new adventure, but had also been experiencing some neck & back pain in her current exercise routine. After weight training, running a marathon with Team in Training and 3 years of Barre exercise, she happened upon Elite Yoga. She had no idea how much doing Yoga 4-5 days a week would challenge her body, mind and also help with her back pain. She learns more about herself with each class. Nor did she realize she would decide to make a total career change along the way! Michelle really enjoys the community WEY provides to bring Women together. She’s a strong believer that life happens for a reason and is so happy to be a part of the Elite yoga team!
If she’s not at EY, Michelle enjoys cooking, days at the beach, live jazz, wine tasting and spending time with her dog & husband.

Michelle Davis instructs the following:
  • YIN Yoga*check in 5 minutes before class*
  • Treat yourself to an immersion of wellbeing through restorative Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga involves holding the poses for longer periods of time to target the connective tissues. You will be guided through the deeper exploration of supported Yin Yoga poses allowing you to relax more completely into your body and experience the benefits of the poses on a deeper level. Emerge from the experience feeling receptive, rejuvenated and in a state of contentment and well-being.
    *NOTE: Class takes a bit to set up, we kindly ask that you come in 5 minutes before class start to set up properly. 
    * Yin Yoga starts ON TIME ~ We are so very sorry, no clients are able to come in once class starts. We start right on time to honor everyones time.
    In Light ~
    Alex Arias