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I am a native of Ecuador and moved to the U.S. when I was 18 years old. At the age of 16, I was a professional ballerina for the Ecuadorian Ballet Company for several years. After dancing, I became certified in Spin, Zumba, Step Aerobics and as a Personal Trainer.

My yoga journey began 6 years ago. I just had my 4th child, moved from Hong Kong to San Diego and weighed over 200 lbs. Because it was so hard on my body, I found it difficult to go back into high impact classes. Instead, I turned to yoga.

I tried many different studios and various styles, but I found that yoga was not always accessible to me. The classes were busy, there were no hands-on adjustments and there wasn’t any personal attention to my physical needs. But even through all of this, I could see how yoga was able to improve my overall wellbeing. Through yoga, not only was I able to find a healthy balance mentally, physically and spiritually, but I was able to achieve the best shape of my life.


After this transformation, friends began to ask me what I had been doing to find this overall balance in my life. From then on, I started teaching yoga in my garage as a way to give back this amazing practice I had found! When the classes in my garage started to fill up, I decided to become certified as a 200hr RYT in order to help others.

Before opening both studios, I spent several years as an experienced 200hr RYT, and became certified in Yin/Restorative, Tone Up (yoga with weights) and Bikram (hot yoga). Recently, I also obtained my 500hr RYT.

I founded Elite Yoga to create a community where yoga is accessible for all types of people. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or are just starting out, Elite Yoga offers you a space to find support, hands-on adjustments, no judgment and caring, compassionate instructors. Elite Yoga seeks to improve your health one class at a time. Elite Yoga’s boutique style studios are committed to offering daily yoga classes to better the physical health, emotional wellbeing, mental clarity and a joy of living in each and every one of our clients!

I have also been married to an amazing business owner for 27 years and have 4 wonderful children. My two oldest are in college at Point Loma Nazarene University, and my two younger children attend The Bishop’s School and The Gillispie School in La Jolla. We have lived in La Jolla for several years and love finding ways to give back to this community!

Danielle graduated from our Elite Yoga Teacher Training in November 2015.
Danielle currently lives in the beautiful city of San Diego, California. She is currently attending Arizona State University online and majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Business. Prior to this, Danielle was born and lived in the Philippines where she competed in meets as a gymnast for the Club Gymnastica Makati for 5 years. She remained active her whole life and participated in soccer, cheer, ballet and hip hop dancing. In 2008, she discovered yoga while still attending high school. Going into college and dealing with the business of life, it was hard not to be weighed down by the stress that the day to day life brought. Trying different styles of yoga (including but not limited to hot yoga, Bikram yoga, yoga sculpt, Yin/Restorative) she was greatly amazed by how yoga has been a great vessel in helping transform her physically, emotionally and most especially mentally. After meeting Alexandra (Alex) Arias, she was hired to work at Women’s Elite Yoga as an Assistant Manager. This has been a great opportunity and a blessing as it helped her stay committed and to nurture her practice. As time went on, Women’s Elite Yoga set up a teacher-training program that Danielle decided to participate in. After hours and dedication and practice, Danielle graduated from the Elite Yoga Teacher Training in November 2015 (ran by Meghan Kruljac, Alyssa Moeller, and Alexandra Arias) and got certified for her 200-HR approved by the Yoga Alliance. Since then Danielle has been teaching for Elite Yoga and has grown even more passionate about the wellness of her community. She has also grown in her managing abilities and has been promoted as Elite Yoga’s Senior Manager.
Melody (RYT 200) was born and raised in Paris and Cannes, France. She first started visiting the United States, attending the Bollettieri Academy in Florida, when she was very young in pursuit of a career in tennis. This culminated in a 4 year NCAA Division 1 tennis scholarship. In 2006, Melody discovered yoga while she was seeking to fix some of the recurrent pain that came as a result of 15+ years of playing through repeated injuries to the shoulder, elbow and knees. She experienced immediate relief and became devoted to deepening her practice to include aspects beyond just the physical realm of her body. She now shares the healing experience that she has experienced with her students.

After years of building a successful career in business, earning a spot as a Regional Managing Director for a large International Corporation, Melody decided it was time to make a shift and follow her passion as well as practice what she preached. Melody earned her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Hatha teaching certification through Elka Yoga & Wellness Center. Melody has studied many styles and practiced in several countries around the world with many teachers to deepen her practice in yoga, meditation, breath and energy work.

Melody teaches a range of classes from Restorative, Yin/Yang to Vinyasa. She encourages all students to focus on connection with the breath first, followed by the strength and flexibility that come from proper posture alignment.

Tina graduated from our Elite Yoga Teacher Training in November 2015.
Courtney was first introduced to yoga while studying the anthropology of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Western China, and it has been an important part of her life ever since. She received her Masters of Public Health from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. While earning her degree, she became a certified yoga teacher, 200RYT, at Bala Vinyasa Yoga in Miami where she taught power vinyasa and restorative yoga. Her travels took her to Costa Rica where she completed a 100-hour immersion in Danyasa, a creative form of yoga combining vinyasa flow with dance. She is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of yoga with people all over the world, and sees it as a powerful tool for people of any culture to lead healthier lives. She is also experienced in teaching kid’s yoga, prenatal yoga, and therapeutic yoga.

Courtney teaches yoga from the heart, making it possible for students of all levels to gain something from an empowering practice. “By letting go of the limits we place on ourselves, we are able to step into our own individual greatness. If you approach your practice with love in your heart and lightness in your mind, you are succeeding!”
Sophia's introduction to yoga began 10 years ago. The combination of balance, strength, flexibility, mindfulness and patience that she experienced in the practice lead to the path of completing the 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training lead by Jano Galindo at the Chula Vista Yoga Center. Sophia's vinyasa classes offer a challenging but accessible alignment based flow that promotes harmony between the breath, the body and the mind; while her restorative yoga classes provide the opportunity to experience complete rest in order to reconnect & recharge.
Robin (RYT 200) started practicing yoga in her late 30’s when a friend invited her to a class. It was a life changing experience which opened her World to an insatiable desire to learn all aspects of yoga. Robin started teaching soon after obtaining her Yoga Teacher Training Certification in 2011. Her classes encompass a love of Vinyasa, connecting the mind and body in a moving meditation using the breath as a guide. Her classes are suitable for all levels, with a dynamic flow of poses that bring you from a warm up to a fun yet challenging sequence that helps create natural heat in the body while ending with a soothing cool down.
A lifelong runner, Laurie first stepped onto her mat in 2010, as a means to rehabilitate a running injury. Never imagining the balance that a steady yoga practice would bring not only to her running, but to her life, she was hooked! In 2015 while living in Japan, Laurie had the unique opportunity to train with Rebecca Cohen, completing her 200-RYT, additionally she completed SUP and Yin yoga teacher trainings while living overseas. Laurie is an ACE Health Coach and AFAA certified group fitness instructor. She holds a MA in Early Childhood Education and 10 years of classroom teaching experience.
Laurie seeks to create a comfortable, warm, and safe space for all of her students. She works to challenge, but also support her students fully, so that when they step off of their mat they are left feeling energized, nourished, and strong.
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