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Wei Wang

Vera Wang is a very motivated Yoga Instructor with advanced training in yoga and specialized in Vinyasa Yoga. She is certified by YOGA ALLIANCE RYT 200.

Vera enjoys inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term physical and mental health.

She leads yoga classes for all skill levels from beginning to advance, teaches student to correct postures to ensure maximum benefit and safety, provides guided meditation at the beginning and the end of each class to help students center themselves and get the most out of each session.

Vera works with students with all body types and fitness levels to develop customized programs and positional adjustments that increase skill, fitness, and well being. She helps student to gain in-depth understanding of breathing techniques and pay attention to the needs of every student throughout each class.

Wei Wang instructs the following:
  • Mixed Vinyasa -Non-Heated
  • This non-heated Vinyasa Flow class welcomes yogis of all levels. This class uses a variety of postures to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Vinyasa Flow encourages students to move into and out of postures safely. There is a strong emphasis on correct alignment using the breath and meditation to quiet the mind in order to attain peace and stillness. This class will take you through sun salutations, standing poses, balancing postures, seated and reclining postures, backbends and core strengthening.

  • *NEW* Meditative Vinyasa w/ Crystal Singing Bowl ($10 Drop-In)
  • An all-levels Vinyasa class that focuses on bringing energy into your system through engaging postures as well as meditative breath work. This class will allow your body to connect with your mind through out your whole practice.
    The use of the singing bowl will allow you to cleanse and heal your physical, mental, and emotional health through its strong and powerful vibrations. Enjoy this Midday Yogi Happy Hour for $7 non-member drop-in!