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Kierstie Dolezal

As a practitioner of yoga for over 12 years, an extensive fitness background and a degree in Psychology I have combined my love for the movement of the physical body with my interest in the human psyche to build a repertoire of holistic healing skills that transform and encourage individuals to be seek their utmost, authentic selves. I provide a range of classes from restorative, thought-provoking meditations to strong, upbeat and playful flows. I enjoy teaching a style that is firm to the roots and traditions of the ancient art of yoga while also combining my fun, lighthearted spirt. Yoga has helped me create a new relationship with myself and the way I view the world. I believe that everyone can receive something magnificent from practicing yoga and it is my goal to help you find whatever it is that you are searching for and bring balance into your everyday life. Light & Love, Dolezal, Kierstie

Kierstie Dolezal instructs the following:
  • Tone It Up - Non-Heated - L1.5 - ALL WELCOME
  • Tone Up is a non-heated class that provides a total body workout, designed to work every major muscle group by adding free weights to your regular yoga practice. Set to upbeat, energizing music, Tone Up uses plyometric and strength training to create resistance and intensify each pose. Your body will be pushed to new heights, which results in lean, toned muscle mass. This is class taught at room temperature.

  • This is a 75 minute class that integrates a vinyasa flow ending with 20 minutes of Yin postures to relax the body.

  • Morning Energy Flow
  • Revitalize with this all-levels vinyasa session, non-heated class that is designed to emphasize on uniting the breath and movement. This class will not only help you create heat in your body but will also leave you feeling reenergized by calming your mind, opening your heart, your hips and more!

  • Fun Friday Flow *new