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Adopta pet!
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Year of the Dog (2)


In honor of the Lunar New Year, we are celebrating the Year of the Dog with a photo challenge! Win 50 DOLLARS by simply posting a photo of you in a yoga posture along with your furry family member/s! Tag us on Instagram @elite_yoga #eliteyogastudios #yearofthedogphotochallenge and on Facebook at either ELITE YOGA LJ or ELITE YOGA CV. Don't forget to tell us your name and your pet's name/s!

Challenge is on going NOW until March 18th! We will pick a winner and announce it at the end of the month!

Happy posting!!!


Photography 101
$8.80 per CLASS! On-sale February 16th thru February 28th. *Limit 1 per person. Package Expires 6/16/18.*