Brian Glasspool

Brian has been teaching yoga for over 4 years. Brian started his yoga practice on a whim when experiencing bouts with mental health. After his first experience in Savasana he knew that he wanted to feel the lightness again. Brian was able to learn how to better understand the Self with various coping skills and tools that he has refined along his way. Brian offers an introspective teaching style that allows his students to get their work in more than a work out. Brian teaches various styles of yoga and guided meditation. Brian’s yoga practice has allowed him to grow and heal in a way he wasn’t sure possible. Brian’s intention is to help others through various modalities in which a student may pick and choose how to best help the Self. After teaching Yoga and Mood Management Workshops Brian knew that there was more to learn and refine along his journey in order to learn how to best help himself so that may help others. Originally from Northern California Brian decided to chase a dream and moved to San Diego. He has lived in San Diego for 2 years now, despite reoccurrences of old thought patterns Brian still does his best to find gratitude.

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